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DJI Mavic Pro

The main characteristics of the DJI Mavic Pro

The perfect miniaturization

Each element of the DJI Mavic Pro, including with the camera have been reduced without loss of capacity of the device. Mavic Pro is a portable dronem, which can be controlled with the supplied remote control or application on the smartphone.

High quality video recording

The 4K camera set in zminiaturyzowanym system, ensuring the stillness, ensures smooth video recording and excellent quality.

Smart flight

Management dronem DJI Mavic Pro just don't need to worry about anything. Mavic Pro may hang in the air even when the wind is strong, you automatically land on the launch site and he sees obstacles in front of him and knows how to get around them!

Extreme experiences

You're hungry amazing experiences? Try sport mode, which adds great power and will allow You to fly at a speed of 65 km/h!

Specification DJI MAVIC PRO

Quadcopter DJI MAVIC PRO differs from other drones is lightweight and compact design. As much as can be controlled in three ways: by using the controller RC, smartphone apps and GO DJI controller RC with a smartphone and the application.

Weight (with battery and propellers):

734 g(without cover gimbala), 743 g (with cover gimbala)

Max. lifting speed:

5 m/s in Sport mode

Max. descent speed:

3 m/sec

Max. speed:

65 km/h, in Sport mode, zero wind

Max. height above sea level:

5000 m

Max. flight time:

27 minutes in the laboratory

Max. time in hover mode:

24 minutes, with zero wind

The average time of flight:

21 min

Max. range:

13 km, with zero wind

Temp. work:

from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius


2970 mAh


12 MP in RAW format (DNG) & JPG, FOV=78.8 degrees f/2.2, video formats: 4K UltraHD, FullHD 1080p, HD 720p

Airplane mode:

Normal, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Point of Interest, Way Points, Follow Me Mode, Home Lock, Course Lock, Gesture, Follow the Terrain Tripod

Reviews of DJI MAVIC PRO

DJI Mavic Pro


Like all drones DJI also Mavic Pro are of high quality. For me the biggest advantage of this drone are small in size and light weight. I can take it anywhere and I no longer have to carry a large backpack or suitcase. Drone DJI Mavic Pro very quiet and takes off smoothly, without jerks. I fly it even in adverse weather conditions, and found that even low temperature and strong wind are not a problem for him. Recommend!

DJI Mavic Pro


DJI Mavic Pro is a drone, which I can recommend to all, both beginners and advanced Amateurs. Mavic Pro extremely sensitive to control them-a pleasure. Before you start you need to remember about correct focus, as this model sets itself focus. However, when we do, the quality of the material was in 4k and full HD is very good and not very different from the quality of the materials recorded on DJI Phantom 4!


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